Planning a Wooden Garden Deck


Planning a Wooden Garden Deck

Wood decks can be an excellent addition to your back yard. They not only look good but they also create a fantastic entertaining area. However, you will need to plan everything carefully. Proper planning will make sure maintenance and construction don’t cause any problems. While managing DIY deck plans, it is always better to get some ideas from experts, like Joe’s Deck Plans. There are many resources on the internet which can help you with the design and construction of your deck. In this article we discuss some aspects of planning a wooden deck.

Where to Build Your Deck

The first step is to determine where to build your deck. Most of the time decks are added to the rear or side of a home. They may be adjacent to family areas. You should consider sun exposure, existing views, underground utilities, shade from trees as well as privacy. You also need to check some rules and regulations regarding deck locations and setbacks in your community. Your deck building plans should not violate any laws.

House Perimeter Features

It is important to consider house perimeter features which need to be built around or accommodated, like chimneys and downspouts. According to experts, most homeowners don’t consider these elements while handling their DIY deck plans. This can cause major problems during construction. You should never cover an underground utility feature like septic tank or well with a low-level deck. It is essential to provide proper access panels.

Determine the Size of Your DIY Deck

You need to decide on the size of your deck. It is vital for your simple deck plans to estimate how much space would be occupied by chairs, flower boxes, tables, barbecue grill and large amenities like hot tubs. This is another common mistake. Your deck should be able to meet your specific needs.

Determine the Shape of Your Garden Deck

While handling your wood deck plans, it is very important to determine the deck’s shape. You should consider whether your deck should be terraced or flat. You also need to think about treating your deck with the proper protection to prevent rain and sun damage. It is important to lay out the perimeter using coloured tape and stakes to get an idea about the size, impact on the yard and configuration. Before you finalize everything, you should arrange patio furniture and equipment within this space.

Explore Your Deck Design Options

Before finalizing your deck design plans, you need to explore your options. For instance, you should decide on the materials for construction. Redwood and pressure-treated woodare excellent choices. They’re resistant to decay and therefore last a lot longer than other wood types. Since pressure treating uses preservatives, this wood does not rot easily. You can also use man-made composite for deck railings and flooring.

Safety Regulations

It is important to understand that some counties have laid stringent rules and regulations regarding deck construction. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to safety rules, like adding railings to your deck 30 inches or more above the ground. Once again, you should gather more information about the rules and regulations in your area.

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